Macleay Island Skate Park – Open for general use

Skate park open for general use - Mid April 2014 The majority of the work on the Macleay Island Skate Park has now been completed, and the park is open for public use. While there are some finishing touches to be applied, the skate park is 'feature complete' and many of the children of the islands can be seen enjoying it daily after school, and all throughout the weekend. (more…)
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Macleay Island Skate Park

Are you ready for the Macleay Island Skate Park? We want to know what YOU want to see/do at the opening event for the Macleay Island Skate Park. Due for completion mid 2014, with a gala event date to be set.

The SMBI Family and Youth Action Group are offering FREE PIZZA for you to come and have your say about the opening event.


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