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Island Registration

So you want to register a car for use on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands?

The islands being a special place, there are some special considerations in relation to vehicle registration.

If you have just moved to the islands and brought a registered vehicle with you, you do not need to do anything until its time to renew your registration. When you registration is due, you are entitled to a ‘Restricted Area Concession’ on your registration costs, if the vehicle is to be used almost exclusively on the islands. The exception here, is that you are allowed to drive the vehicle on the mainland for servicing and repair purposes only, unless you obtain a permit beforehand.

If you purchased a car from the mainland, and it was sold as a registered vehicle, it is up to the seller to provide a safety certificate for that vehicle.

The form you need to fill out for your ‘Restricted Area Concession’ can be found here.

If you have just purchased a car on the islands, and wish to┬áregister the car under your name, you are exempt from obtaining a Safety Certificate or ‘Roadworthy Certificate’ due to the fact that there are no licensed/registered inspection stations on the islands. This does not mean you can’t get your car inspected on the mainland if you wish, just that you don’t have to. In the event that you do not wish to get a Safety Certificate, you need to do a ‘Self Assessment’ of the vehicle. This basically says that you, to the best of your knowledge, think the car is safe to drive on the roads. You can be fined heavily for providing misleading/incorrect information. To register your vehicle, you will either need to do this ‘Self Assessment’ or provide a regular ‘Safety Certificate’.

The form you need to fill out for your ‘Self Assessment’ can be found here.

Finally, as per a normal vehicle registration, you will need to fill out the ‘Vehicle Registration Application’ form. This can mostly be filled out as normal, but with a few small changes.

  • At question 4Are you applying for concessional registration fees?‘ you should answer YES and write ‘Restricted Area‘ in the text box provided.
  • At question 13Are you exempt from providing a Queensland Safety of Queensland Inspection certificate?‘ you should answer YES and write ‘6‘ (the number six) in the box provided.

The form you need to fill out for your ‘Vehicle Registration Application’ can be found here.

Once you have completed all three (3) forms, head into a Queensland Transport Service Centre to lodge the paperwork and pay your registration fees. Thats it!

If you need to take your ‘island car’ to the mainland for any reason,┬áthere are certain things you must do first. Please read this information notice from Department of Transport and Main Roads for more information.

Please remember, just because you do not require a ‘Safety Certificate’ to register your vehicle, this does not mean its alright to drive an unsafe vehicle around the islands. The Police can (and will) fine you if your vehicle is not safe to be on the roads.