Are you tired of waiting for the NBN? We were too, so we did something about it. We’ve partnered with some like-minded people to form Moreton Bay ISP, a community Internet Service Provider. The aim is to bring high speed carrier grade Internet access to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

We are currently in the planning stages, and have made a short survey to help gauge interest, as well as see what areas of the islands are in the most need. Our current roadmap should see us have our first customers online during March 2018, with the rest of the islands within a 12 month timeframe.

We will be offering speeds that are greater than, or equal to NBN fixed wireless speeds, but at a lower cost. Also, 10% of our profits go back to the Island community, as well as employment opportunities for island residents.

If you are interested in getting connected and helping out the island community, please fill out our online survey, and spread the word amongst other islanders!

Are you excited? We are!

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