From Monday 19 December 2016, new fares and simpler zones will be introduced across South East Queensland.

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What’s changing?

  • Reduced fares for all zones, including reducing the cost of one zone local trips to $3.20 (adult go card).
  • Reduced number of zones from 23 to 8 wider zones, making local travel more affordable.
  • Weekday morning off-peak period extended to 6am.
  • Free weekend travel for children aged 5-14 travelling on an orange child go card.
  • Introducing an ‘8 paid journeys and 50 per cent off subsequent journeys per week’ incentive to replace the existing ‘9 and FREE’ scheme.

In addition, concession fares will be introduced for people receiving the Newstart Allowance or Youth Allowance, as well as asylum seekers. These new concession fares will be introduced during 2017, pending discussions with Federal agencies.


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