The problem

We are aware that some people are suffering through hard times, and that some children don’t have easy access to computers. This can be a huge disadvantage when trying to complete homework, prepare assignments and many other things. We want to help fix this.

The goal

Our goal is to help our community by offering cheap computers to disadvantaged families, and to stop the amount of electronics ending up in landfill.

The plan

We are calling on the community to bring any unwanted computers to us, so that we may either repair, use for parts, or properly dispose of them.

If your computer can’t be (affordably) repaired, it might be striped for parts, and the rest disposed of properly by taking it to an eWaste facility on the mainland. The usable parts can then be used to fix someones computer at a lower cost.

If your computer is repairable, our aim is to repair it, and then sell it on to a disadvantaged island family for only the cost of the parts to repair. We won’t charge any labour fees for the repairs. If we’ve been able to use parts from another donated PC, that’s even better!

If the computer does not have a valid Windows license for at least Windows 7, we will provide one at the lowest cost possible. This means that we can sell the computer with the choice of Windows 7, or Windows 10.

How you can help

If you have a computer you’d like to donate, please fill in the form below, or simply get in contact with us via phone, our contact us form, or by dropping into our shop.

If you know of a family or child in need of a computer, please get in touch with us via our contact form.

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