In early 2014, we developed and released the very first version of Bay Islands Guide. It was born out of the frustration of there being no way to look up ferry times for the SMBI in a quick and easy fashion on your smartphone.

Originally only release for iPhone, Bay Islands Guide was an instant local success, with around 1500 trips being planned using the app per month. Over the years, we’ve added other features, such as our local Business Directory, and even Go-Card balance checking.

It wasn’t until May 2016 that we would release our first ever Android version of Bay Islands Guide. We picked up quite a few new users, and our monthly ferry searches increased to around 3000-3500 per month.. not bad for a little island app!

Fast forward to August 2017: We continued to design and implement new features.. new features which we thought would benefit from having as many users as possible. So, on the release of Bay Islands Guide v4.0 for Android, we made the app FREE for everyone.

By making the app FREE, our user base has increased, and in turn has made some of the apps features more useful. Our notification system will get the most benefit from this. If there is an event coming up, a new business, an island emergency etc, we can notify users of Bay Islands Guide instantly. Also, due to our little island app now being FREE, we got a sudden influx of new users. We have handled over 7000 trips (as of 20th September) this month alone!

So today, 20th September 2017, we are happy to announce that Bay Islands Guide for Android and iPhone has helped to plan just over 150,000 ferry trips around the Southern Moreton Bay Islands! We are very honoured that so many island residents and visitors find our app so handy, and use it on an almost daily basis. From its humble beginnings as an app written for one person, so he didn’t have to look at paper timetables, we have come a long way.

We at Bay Islands Info thank you very much for your support, and hope you stick with us, as we roll out all kinds of new features in the future!

Grab your FREE copy today!

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